Machine building components and profiles

    Profiles and fasteners from stock.
    Cutting, finishing of profiles.

Distribution and integration of DELTA automation products
DELTA products are known for their value for money, high reliability, and easy and low-cost integrability. Utilizing over forty years of manufacturing experience, DELTA products are cutting-edge and their innovation is still continuous. Their wide range of product porfolio offers all the automation devices most frequently used in the field of industry. Competing with the products of premium manufacturers, these products are available at almost half price, with free software and customer support. DELTA products are supplied from Hungarian repository, and we offer technical support and, for request, training as well.
Main product groups:
Frequency converter
PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
Power supplies
HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces)
Servo drives

Industrial RGB LED matrix displays

LED matrix displays are optimal for displaying contextual data in industrial environments.
Built-in LED matrix modules are formed by SMD LEDs that ensure clear visibility and legibility even in inadequate ambient light conditions, such as direct sunlight. Due to their wide viewing angle, SMD LEDs provide excellent legibility.
The dot matrix arrangement allows for an exceptional reading distance (>90m).
The displays come with a 230VAC or 24VDC power supply, and are compatible with most industrial communication protocols.
Time/date displays
Machine status displays
Numeric Andon displays
Graphic Andon displays
Multiline numeric displays